‘It’s A Question Of Morality’: Afenifere Re-Echoes Call For South-East Presidency

Ayo Adebanjo

Afenifere, a pan-Yoruba socio-cultural , has re-echoed calls for the to be zoned to the country’s South-East area, emphasizing that its is moral.

On in Ogun , the group’s head, Ayo Adebanjo, stated that the area should produce the next president in the spirit of and harmony.

“It is a question of principle. It is a question of morality. It’s a question of being inclusive in everything we do,” he said during an on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics. “If you want peace, you must have equity.”

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He stated that since the South-West has had its with former President Olusegun and President ; the South-South with ex-President Jonathan, political parties should zone the to the South-East.

“Is South-East not in the south? Is it not in Nigeria?” the Afenifere leader asked, maintaining that the country had always given consideration to every part even during the pre- days.

For him, moves such as federal character and , are some of the things that have given Nigerians a of oneness.

“It is because of this inclusiveness we put federal character in the constitution,” he added.


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