Insecurity Persists Because We Have A Weak President – Shehu Sani

Shehu Sani

Shehu Sani has stated that insecurity has persisted in Nigeria because the president is either too or weak to take action on his subordinates.

The former senator made observation on when he appeared as a guest speaker on Daily ’s Twitter Spaces themed “Insecurity and 2023 .

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Sani said, “ in the position of leadership are and they will keep on failing because we have a president who is too weak to take actions on his subordinates.

“If you over as a security man, or intelligence, or you preside over the local or state and are happening in your place and nothing is being achieved, it is the of the president to remove such kind of persons and bring new persons.

“Security sometimes need things like this. There have been continuous allegations that this terrorism and banditry is being sustained because of the complicit of or with security agencies.”

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