India 2022: Flamingos’ World Cup opponents to…


India 2022: Flamingos’ World Cup opponents to…

India 2022: Flamingos’ World Cup opponents to…
’s at this year’s FIFA U17 Women’s World Cup finals will on Friday afternoon during the draw scheduled for the FIFA in Zurich, Switzerland.

Already, an Asiatic lioness nicknamed Ibha has been as the Official Mascot of the 16- championship, which will hold from Friday 11th – 30th October in three Indian cities of Bhubaneswar, Goa and Navi Mumbai.

Nigeria, Morocco and will fly ’s flag, to contend for the trophy against hosts , China, , New Zealand, USA, Canada, Mexico, , Chile, Colombia, Germany, Spain and France in the seventh of the biennial that was launched in New Zealand 14 ago.

India hosted the FIFA U17 World Cup for the boys in 2018 and were slated to host the ’ event two ago, but the pandemic aborted that, necessitating a postponement and scaling down of the original host cities to three.

The Flamingos, have in every tournament since 2008 bar the 2018 edition by Uruguay, prevailed over the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Ethiopia on the African to land in India.

On Friday, Nigeria will be in Pot 3, alongside France, USA and China (meaning they will not be in the same group with any of those three). Hosts India top spot in Pot 1 alongside Japan, Spain and Germany, with Mexico, Canada, Brazil and New Zealand in Pot 2. Pot 4 comprises Tanzania (playing at their first World Cup), Chile, Colombia and Morocco.





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