“I’d first lick all the mud in mile 12 before I propose to a man” – BBNaija star, Angel says

“I’d first lick all the mud in mile 12 before I propose to a man” – BBNaija star, Angel says

star and brand influencer, Angel has said she can never go down on her knees to propose to a man.

Angel made this known while responding to a question on micro-blogging , Twitter, a lady defied the societal and to her man in a crowded shopping .

In a seeming to the viral proposal video in which the courageous lady got a YES from her , popular vlogger, Sisi Yemmie, a question at , asking if they can also propose to their lovers.

Responding, the Big star averred that she would rather lick all the mud in a popular market in before to a man.

Since it’s an impossible task to lick all the dust in Mile 12, it is deduced that Angel can never propose to a man regardless of how much she him.

See below,

Angel says

The Nigerian lady, who reversed the social construct and went on her knees to propose to her man inside a crowded shopping mall, is a self acclaimed identified as Simply Erhun on .

She shared a video showing her with a bent knee as she awaited her man to come to her — the man eventually did get to her and thereafter, she proposed to him and he her ring. here

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