“I was mocked and suspended by church law” –…


“I was mocked and suspended by church law” –…

SUG Vice President recounts

Choice Christopher, the SUG Vice President of , has recounted the she faced after getting out of .

She took to her Facebook page on Wednesday, May 19, to show off her daughter who is now grown, and shared the struggles she went through after getting pregnant at a young age.

According to her, she was , suspended from her church and ridiculed by her age mates.

However, she choose to keep the pregnancy and today, her can easily be mistaken to be her younger sister.

Professing her love for her daughter, Choice ,

“When I was pregnant of you, I was mocked, suspended by church law, by my peer .
Today, you seem to be like my younger sister.
I love 💘 u my first fruit.”

In other news, A Twitter user has taken to the to how his friend’s girlfriend gave out her number to another man while they were on a date.

According to @Yemihazan, he went to a recreational spot with his friend and his girlfriend when a guy in and sent to the lady.
She then took excuse from them and stood up to talk to the said man outside the and gave him her phone number.

@Yemihazan said his friend her red- her number to the man, and is to end their two-year relationship over her .

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