“I was earning 60,000 naira salary when it occurred to me…

“I was earning 60,000 naira salary when it occurred to me…

A Nigerian Pastor has taken to micro-blogging platform, Twitter, to share a testimony of how he was able to build his house even though he was just on a 60,000 Naira salary.

According to Pastor Gbena Samuel Wemimo, he had a vision in which he encountered the “Way Maker” and he took a leap of faith with the house project.. today the rest is history.

Read his story below ;

I was earning 60,000 naira salary when it occurred to me that I needed to build a house.

D was so small that I usually don’t have anything left by the second week after I got paid.
My wife was earning way more than I was earning, and we had a formular regarding our finances, She handles the capital and I handled the expenditures
That way issues like rent, car , fees for the children and her own M.Sc etc were taken care of by her

She helped me out with my own end of things on many occasions.

D only I found myself able to handle everything before me was when I get my leave bonus or when we got our 13th month pay in December.

I was working with a ministry as the PA to a pastor in this time One night I had a vision, I saw a gathering of people in attire they were waiting for someone to arrive, they were waiting for the main speaker –

Suddenly this person arrived wearing a traditional attire and shinning like the noon day sun, Everybody stood up and they started shouting “Olulana, Olunana, Olulana” meaning “Way Maker”
He smiled and laid hands on the people He began to them according to their diseases. I was watching this from afar, Eventually he reached out to the waiting mother’s and for them.

D sight was a beauty to behold I woke up from the vision, I started saying over and over “I HAVE MET the Waymaker. HE HAD MADE A WAY FOR ME”.

Then I told my wife in faith, let us go house shopping.

She said okay
We drove to RCCG Camp

I had been told they had many chalets for , i wanted to see if somehow the vision I saw will birth an instant miracle, i really needed one in that time.

We were taken around.. We saw chalets for 7 million and for 5 million

Three and two bedroom respectively- My wife liked one and said perhaps she could take some money from in her office to add to her savings to buy it
I thought to myself, the step of faith we took is off.

We got back to the main road, I met one of my colleagues from the office. He went to fetch water and was carrying two 25 liter kegs
He to greet us, I asked him if the chalets don’t have running water, He said they do but the plumbing of his own chalet is bad I told him we wanted to buy a chalet.

He said it was a terrible idea!

“Why don’t you get land and build?” He asked

I thought in my head “Where do I get the money?

My Wife was nodding and that means the cooperative idea was being drowned by this guy

We bade hi. Farewell and Went home

On the way, my wife said “I’d prefer to build”

I said “Hmmm”
D next day I went to get the form for a plot of land and got it signed

D land was approved three months later

I got the letter and it was just in time for my 13th month whatever I was invited to a wedding A sister called me to ask where I was, I told her I was in a wedding in Berger area of Lagos
She called an later asking me to come out of the wedding venue, I met her and her husband.

She told me her husband is a civil , a builder but business has been very poor lately She asked me to pray with him I did.

I then told him I have a land I want to build, He said where, I told him.

D next day he was in my house He said he was to start building I had just 100,000 naira.

He said it will be enough for clearing and to buy some pegging materials I sent the money to him
He left And God took over

Everyday, he would send me bills and I was able to clear them off

My wife didn’t take a loan as we planned

We did foundation and I said “I am broke”

D builder said “I will continue building, you can pay me later”

He continued I continued making my declarations and money continued to flow in daily.

In eight months the house was completed

I didn’t even tell my wife what was going on

In April 2020, during the lockdown I took my wife to the house for the first time

She was shocked

She said “You did all this without my knowledge or support?

I nodded

I really wanted to see how far my faith can be stretched without asking for help and I was shocked that my faith completed the house and furnished it to taste
I left my previous flat with only the members of my family

We didn’t take a pin out of the house because we needed nothing we had in the past D waymaker completed the work.

I couldn’t have achieved it without the power of the vision I saw, I was so it was a message from God that I ought to act upon
Blessed be the name of the Lord, he opened My heart to the insight and depth of his secrets of divine I have walked in this over and over again and the same result was produced
I to master what could have been chance and today I the same principle to all the projects we are doing for the .

D Word works always
D Word of God works for me
D Word of God works in me
When I declare nature and elements of pay heed and surrender their supplies unto me
I am the blessed of the Lord

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