I might go broke if I continue giving - Don Jazzy laments - Pegars News | Pegars News


I might go broke if I continue giving – Don Jazzy laments – Pegars News

I might go broke if I continue giving – Don Jazzy laments – Pegars News

Famous Nigerian singer and document producer Michael Collins Ajereh, professionally recognized as Don Jazzy, has lamented his giving angle as he expressed worry of going broke if he continues giving out cash.

While complaining about how he receives calls from strangers who continually name for monetary help, the singer stated he’s now placing his cellphone on ‘do not disturb’ mode to keep away from some of these unusual calls from individuals.

The musician, who took to social media to specific shock at studying that unidentified individuals have been promoting his cell traces, revealed that sure individuals are accountable for the fixed calls he receives from strangers as they willfully promote his numbers to these individuals so that they might name him for no purpose.

“They promote the quantity, so individuals will message me for no purpose. My cellphone is forever on ‘Do Not Disturb’ (DND). I know that some individuals will suppose that I am cocky or forming, but that is not the level right here.

“When I’m in a good temper, and I decide some of these calls, they will inform me that they purchased the quantity, but they can’t reveal who bought it to them.

“You have to set certain boundaries. Even if I do not want to, my brother (General) tries as much as possible to reduce the number of people that get to me because you can lie any stupid lie, and I will give you the money, but if I continue that way, I can go broke.”

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