How to win a womans heart

How to win a womans heart

How to win a womans heart

Not every lady is to win her ; the issue is that some
men lack patience to allow the seed to die and germinate.
Do not project S..X from the ; rather seek for her
, vision and her future ..
The gift you can give a is attention; it renews the
confidence she has in you.

Be a man of self and discipline..
She will have no than to you.
A woman will never the man that touches her soul more
than her body. S..x isn’t enough.

is good but is not everything..
She can still feel with your money, bring her close because
can never true love and feelings…
Don’t be and arrogant before a woman..

You will never win her heart…
To win her heart without , you must the
of love..

It must not be two bedroom flat or duplex..
But every woman privacy..
They don’t like …..

To be intimate doesn’t mean s..x; she want you to play with her;
tell her stories; if possible make her to without ..
Don’t treat a woman like an option; you’re only her
available to other men..

Do not on her especially when she is in her .( apply
love language as stated above)

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