How to prepare home made yoghurt,

How to prepare home made yoghurt,

How to prepare home made yoghurt,

1. Milk—— ——-500g
2. ———–4liters
3. Yoghurt —10g
4.————–to taste
5. Vanilla or any other flavour of your

1. Dilute the milk with the water in a bowl and the
into a pot

2. the diluted milk to a boil, bring down from fire, pour into a
bowl that has but don’t cover , allow it to
become warm, not cold. ( the of boiling is to get
ride of germs).

3. When the milks is warm, pour the yoghurt culture/starter in a
little plate, pour a little quantity of the boiled milk in to the culture/
starter, dilute it and then pour it back into the milk.

4. Cover it and keep in a warm , where it will not be disturbed
and allow it to ferment for 10 -12 or preferably over .

5. When it ferments (i.e) the next day, open the bucket
and stir, if it’s too thick, you can add more water to it.

6. Add you sugar to taste and vanilla flavor or any other flavor of
your choice, stir well to combine to whole ingredients properly and
then sieve to the chaff.

7. Your yoghurt is for , so easy to make. You
can put in the fridge cos it’s best chilled.

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