We need
3cups flour
3 tbsp sugar
1 tea spoon baking powder (leveled with your finger)…not baking
soda oo.
1 , whisk, and divided. This is what I mean, break an egg, whisk
it and divide into two place. You only need half. Are u with me?
Butter or margerine… the tip with your scissors and press out
a little on your tablespoon. Let it fill your tablespoon.
….1/2 of your tin
Nutmeg….a tip of your teaspoon.
Vegetable . 1litre
Salt is optional. If you must add, a pinch. Remember what a pinch
is? Check the previous .
Some people use milk…hmm…if you have it use it in your next
batch… And tell me d difference between d milkless and milked!

Get a bowl.
Pour in all dry ingredients. I.e flour+ sugar+ nutmeg+ salt+
powdered milk if that is what you want to use. 1tbspn will do.
Now mix in your butter…mix until you have a ibo look, or
crumbled crackers or bread crumb….you gerrit? .
Make a highway in the center.
Pour in your whisked egg.
If you are going to use liquid mild, a tablespoon at dis point is
Ok good.
Now add water alil at a time, down your highway into the
center mix as you go. What I mean is mix the flour and your egg/
milk together until u have a stiff dough.
Once your dough is stiff . If you dough is sticking to your
palms, keep sprinkling flour untill u have a stuff dough
your dough unto your table,flour or countertop or chopping
board. Sprinkle a little flour on it
Do you do laundry with your ? Ok you know how we use our
wrist and d flatnof our ?
For dough that is called kneading.
So now u stretch stretch stretch and fold. You got it? Do that for
two minutes.
Divide you dough into chunks.
Get your rolling pin, round eba turner or bottle
Roll out your chunks of dough…I mean roll it flat. An cut out
stripes. Like straight lines then cut into cubes or whatever shape
you .
Repeat with the remaning dough.
At this point I can you will be creative
Place your oil on fire.
one chinchin to check if its for frying.
If you are good to go fry in batches.
Onces its lightly brown….strain it. It will get browner outside d


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