How Obi escaped from angry thugs’ attack after huge Katsina rally *LP blames desperate politicians - Pegars News | Pegars News


How Obi escaped from angry thugs’ attack after huge Katsina rally *LP blames desperate politicians – Pegars News

How Obi escaped from angry thugs’ attack after huge Katsina rally *LP blames desperate politicians – Pegars News

Hawa Atiku Uwais, daughter of the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party (PDP), has allegedly attributted her father’s streak of failures in attaining the prime place of President of Nigeria, to his perception in the energy of cash, relatively than real followership, which she claimed would possibly as soon as once more deny him even this time.

Atiku, is in the race for the nation’s quantity one job for a file six occasions, since 1993, the place he made the first try for the job, alongside the late Moshood Kashimawo Olawale (MKO) Abiola, in the sick-fated transition programme of former Military President, Ibrahim Babangida.

Atiku, had contested on the platform of then Social Democratic Party (SDP), but ultimately stepped down for Abiola, who went forward to win the election, but caught in the internet of the controversial June 12, 1993 election, that later claimed his life, as he by no means made it alive from the detention he was clamped by Babangida’s successor, Sani Abacha.

Achimugu, in a video he launched, quoted Atiku’s daughter, as descriging his father as a man who believed that cash solved all issues, but solely that such an idea had by no means labored, others with much less deep pockets had gone forward to show him improper, together with his former boss, Olusegun Obasanjo, Umaru Yar’Adua and Goodluck Jonathan, who had all grow to be Presidents with out being wealthy.

Achimugu, said in the newest video that: “At the phrases of Atiku’s personal daughter, Hawa Atiku Uwais, , who stated to me clearly that her father’s desperate philosophy that cash is the be all and finish all in politics. Atiku believes that cash will give him the presidency.

“She additionally states very clearly that her father simply does not get it that cash can’t purchase real followership. And this coming from a woman who is as desperate as the phrase desperate in capital letters, I’m not the one who stated this. Atiku’s personal daughter stated this. Will you additionally accuse Atiku’s daughter of accumulating N200million? Will additionally name her a blackmailer as properly? Hear her very phrases and perceive the mindset of the individual who would have you elect him as President.

A feminine voice, supposedly that of Atiku’s daughter, was overheard with these phrases: “Money is necessary to get issues achieved, but is not necessary to encourage followership. If cash is necessary is necessary, Daddy would have been the President of this nation. That is the level. He (Atiku) doesn’t appear to get it. He doesn’t appear to get it.

“You assume it is solely about cash, go and ask Daddy. Why is he going through issues out of all the contestants that have contended for the President of Nigeria, no one had the type of cash Daddy has. Obasanjo has come and gone, Yar’Adua has come and gone, Jonathan has come and gone. This one, they’re doing this nonsense. Which cash do they have greater than Daddy? Which cash do they have greater than Daddy?


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