How I was abducted, released with N1,500…

How I was abducted, released with N1,500…

From Magnus Eze, Enugu

Former Deputy President of the Senate, Ike Ekweremadu, yesterday, attributed his achievements so far in to ’s faithfulness.

He said that he had overcome tribulations an in the year 2000 because he had kept his covenant with God from the part of his life.

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Ekweremadu who revealed this during a thanksgiving service to mark his 60th birthday in the Cathedral Church of the Good Shepherd ( Communion), declared that no but God would his political future.

He recounted that he came from a highly challenged part of Enugu State, saying that as a young , he beseeched God to lift him so he would be able to lift his people and the people of the state.

He spoke as the Archbishop of Enugu Ecclesiastical Province, Anglican Communion, extolled the legislator’s contributions to the development of Enugu State and Federal Republic of , describing him as the best in the state.

“God fulfilled his part of that covenant and I also fulfilled mine by building a Church for him in Mpu, my community. Since that covenant, God has never looked back in concerning me. That is why I through tribulations, I pass through , and I pass through fire, yet none has been able to consume me because God is with me.

“So, this 60th anniversary is 60 years of thanksgiving. It is about 60 years of grace and God’s ”, Ekweremadu stated.

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He also recounted how he was in the of daredevil kidnappers for several days, but returned unharmed, while blaming the high rate of crimes on unemployment across the nation.

He, however, to the story of unemployment in Enugu State if elected in 2023, saying his aspiration to the governorship seat of the state was in continuation of his efforts to transform the state.

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