How 370 Excited MTN Scholars received Scholarship Grants in Lagos, Abuja, and Owerri

Everyone loves to receive gifts. Whether it’s an exciting book, a of chocolates, a console, cash gifts, or even a scholarship.

There is always an that comes with receiving something, especially when you really need it. This was the case when the newly inducted MTN scholars received the first installment of their scholarship at the award ceremonies recently in , , and .

MTN Foundation recently awarded scholarships to three hundred and seventy young Nigerians. The scholarships included 300 scholarships for science and , 60 scholarships to students, and 10 scholarships to the top best scoring UTME students.

The award venues in Lagos, Abuja and Owerri were filled with exhilaration and chatter of the newly inducted MTN scholars, as they all received the alerts of 200,000 for the first installment of their scholarship grant.

Nnate Ukwa, also known as Mr Blind Nigeria, and a recipient of the MTN Scholarship for the blind, expressed his excitement about receiving the scholarship, and how it would a in helping him secure a education despite being visually impaired.

“As the popular saying goes, many are called but few are chosen, I am super excited to be the chosen few to be a recipient of the MTN Foundation scholarship this year. As visually impaired students, the of our materials is and to be included in society as a student, we need to get a lot of materials to aid our studies. Therefore, this scholarship means a lot to me”- Nathaniel said.

The MTN Scholarship for Science and Technology Students and Blind students is part of the MTN Foundation’s Youth Empowerment initiative. In the past 11 years, the foundation has awarded N3 worth of scholarships to over 4000 students and youths in Nigeria. The Scholarships is the foundation’s way of empowering young Nigerians.

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