Kingdoms that accommodated Fulani
herdsmen in the past were eventually overthrown by the Fulani. In
all situations, these herdsmen took up arms and fought for a
Fulani leader to overthrow the kingdoms that accommodated them
and their . Examples in history: The first Fulani Jihad was at
Futa Jallon. Fulani pastoralists migrated here in numbers
from Africa in the 1600’s (they migrated in smaller factions
earlier). Futa Jallon was a mountainous rich agricultural land.
after the Pastoralist migrations, Fulani clerics migrated as
well. they were called Ulamas. In 1726, the Fulani community
elected one of their own by the name Ibrahim Musa as their leader
and him the title of Al – Imam (Leader of the Muslim
community). Shortly after his election he proclaimed a jihad
against the local rulers of the region and enlisted the herdsmen as
soldiers in his Jihad. His after his death and new Al-
Iman, Ibrahim Sori the Jihad in 1776. The new Fulani
aristocracy drove out many of the natives. Those they did not
drive out, they enslaved. trade thrived in the region after the
Jihad, this was when the slave castle at Goree Island (Point of no
return) was . They captured mostly the people of the Mandika
tribe (this was the tribe of Kunta Kinte) Another region not far
from Futa Jallon was Futa Toro. It was rich in Agriculture and the
stretch of the Senegal river through it. By the banks of this
river was fertile farmlands. This region was of to
the Fulani pastoralists who migrated to the region around the
same time they migrated to Futa Jallon. They could have the
cattle feed and drink by the banks of the river. shortly after the
herdsmen arrived, clerics migrated as well. They formed the
majority of the Torobde clerics. A Fulani cleric called Sulayman
Bal was nominated by the clerics as the spiritual leader. in the
year 1776, Sulayman Bal launched a Jihad against the Denyanke
dynasty and enlisted herdsmen into his army of the faithful. They
were overthrown and with a new aristocracy of Fulani
leaders. He died while trying to the empire to the regions
of Trarzas. His successor, Abd al- Qadir completed the expansion
and expanded the empire Southeast. In our own Nigeria, the Fulani
migrated as herdsmen and lived in communities. As at the time
Dan Fodio arrived, they had Fulani leaders in almost all the Hausa
City states with a concentration in Katsina and Kano. These
leaders included Moyijo at Kebbi, Mohammadu Namoda at
Zamfara, Salihu and Mohamadu Dabo of Kano. Very much like the
previous Jihads, Dan Fodio was recognized as the leading cleric
and given the title of ‘ Musulmi.’ (Leader of the Faithful).
He formed a community after his confrontation with the
authorities at Gobir and called on the faithfuls to join him, from
the community he lauched his Jihad. Majority of his soldiers were
herdsmen and another natives that fell for his charismatic
leadership. Dan Fodio would eventually give flags of leadership to
the Fulani leaders of the various Hausa cities. By far, the Dan
Fodio’s Jihad was the most successful and all Fulani Jihads in
West Africa. He would also replace the Hausa kings with Fulani
aristocrats, and like the previous Fulbe leaders, the new empire
was hostile to the natives. Their lands were taken from them and
they were relegated to second class citizens in their ancestral
homeland. Many of them were forced into slavery under an
oppressive feudal and others sold to Arab slave traders. At
Ilorin, the shortsighted Afonja made it so easy for the Fulani
to get rid of him. Unlike the other kingdoms where they migrated
on their free will and chose their spiritual leader, Afonja personally
wooed the Fulani to his kingdom and appointed Alimi as the cleric
of the province. Both vital for a fulani takeover was
given on a platter of gold by warlord. very much as in all cases,
the Fulani got rid of him and ensured the of Ilorin for their
kinsman. So Far, they have not been able to invade beyond Ilorin.
The warriors at Ibadan fought them back as well as Benin
warriors. To conquer the south, it is important to have Fulani
herdsmen and clerics stationed in the land. It is important to
indoctrinate natives who profess same with them to trade
ther ancestry for a religious theocracy of a divine cleric. (among
the Yoruba people, they will succeed as they did in the old Ilorin
emirates when many natives of old Oyo empire enlisted in the
army of Alimi’s descendants to invade villages under Oyo and
capture their fellow as slaves to be sold to the
Portuguese) All observations of history prove beyond doubt that
giving colonies and settlements to Fulani people under the guise
of land for grazing is very . The Fulani is to
conquer the South and take it from the ancestral owners like they
did to the Hausas. The South owns the Ports and oil. It owns the
best companies and rainforests. That is what they secretly want
and not grazing land for cows. With scattered Fulani settlements
in the south, they will bring their clerics and launch a new phase of
Jihads from our base…. Cattle colonies is a plan to conquer the
South. Herdsmen are foot soldiers of Fulani empire and the
demand for lands in the South is a first step in future to take over
the ancestral lands of the Southern people.

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