‘He Beats Her Like ‘An Animal’ – Osinachi’s…


‘He Beats Her Like ‘An Animal’ – Osinachi’s…

‘He Beats Her Like ‘An Animal’ – Osinachi’s…


Osinachi Nwachukwu’s mother, Caroline Madu (61) and sister, Favor have the High Court sitting to serve justice against her husband, , following her on April 8.

Madu was as the prosecution’s first witness on in the homicide and related case.

According to Caroline, she came to explain what Peter did to her daughter, Osinachi, adding that the last time she saw her daughter was about a year ago.

She maintained that Peter came and stole her daughter, claiming “he was an .”

” After then, he suffered my .

“He used to beat my child. When she was , he used to beat her, I was begging her to come and see me.

“Peter said to my daughter, if she did not go alive, she will go in death. When she said it, I said it is better to come back alive. I sent my other daughter, Favor Madu to go and bring her.

“When she brought her back, she stayed a year and three months. Her husband came to look for her again alongside with and was begging for Osinachi to follow him back.”

Madu also admitted that Osinachi decided to return to her husband despite the alleged maltreatment.

“Osinachi replied me that what God has together, let no man put asunder.

“When my daughter went back, her husband started maltreating her the way he used to, and my daughter was to tell me.

“What hurt me most is, when she gave to the third child, she started calling me again, that she was what to eat.

“When she , I told my last child, Chibuzor to go and visit her; before he traveled, I went to a in to go and buy foodstuffs.

“My son, Chibuzor stayed there for four days and he started crying that the inlaw is disturbing him but I begged him to stay for one week and help his sister.”

Madu, who testified in , said Peter poured water on her son for the ’s clothes and warned him not to the children’s cloth.

She added that Osinachi went around the country singing gospel, but she lacked money because all honorarium went to her husband’s bank .

“My daughter got married to her husband 14 years ago and gave birth to four children.”

But the defendant counsel, A.I Aliyu raised objection arguing that the prosecution is asking a “leading ” meaning the responses should be direct since it was examination in chief.

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