Forbes Updates World’s Richest Men List

Below is the 10 most richest in the world and their respective net according to Forbes.

  1. 🇺🇲Elon Musk: $219b
  2. 🇺🇲 Bezos: $171b
  3. 🇺🇲 Gates: $129 B
  4. 🇺🇲Warren Buffett: $118b
  5. 🇺🇲Larry : $111b
  6. 🇺🇲Sergey Brin: $107b
  7. 🇺🇲Larry Ellison: $106b
  8. 🇺🇲Steve Ballmer: $91.4b
  9. 🇮🇳Gautam Adani: $90.7b

Seven of the top 10 made their in , with Arnault, Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffett, and Adani Group founder Gautam Adani.

It’s surprising that NOT a single African Politician made it to the . This got tongues wagging in Africa.

what a concerned African write after seeing the .

“After in the name of still didn’t produce Billions in dollars. What exactly is the point then?”

“Robbing your for several years did not give you of dollars, what sort of senseless leaders are these then? It is now that it doesn’t work and ignorant people are just wasting the money and resources of the people and all in the name of President, MP, Minister, etc”

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