Flight operations disrupted as aviation workers begin…

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Flight in the Azikwe Airport, Abuja have been disrupted following the two-day warning strike by aviation workers.

The strike, which in the hours of , has led to the closure of the offices operated by the aviation agencies.

The of Air Transport Employees (NUATE), Association of Federal of Nigeria Aviation Professionals as well as the Amalgamated of Corporation Civil Technical and Recreational Employees on issued a special bulletin to staff of aviation agencies nationwide to intimate them of a warning strike.

According to the leadership of NUATE, all operations in the Airspace Agency (NAMA), Nigerian Meteorological Agency ( NiMet), the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority ( ) and the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT) would be grounded.

The also said the strike will affect air traffic controllers, safety inspectors and other key safety personnel within the industry.

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In compliance with the directive issued, staff of the agencies were prevented from entering their offices.

A source in NUATE who with The Nation via telephone said flight has been grounded.

The source said: “Currently, the union; NCAA, NiMet, NAMA and NCAT offices are under lock. So, no operations, even the control , there is no operation for now.

” As I speak with you now, all the staff including the cleaners are all outside. The gates to the offices are locked with chains and padlocks.

are stranded because there is no flight operation until we get a directive but for now, no operation.

“Even the local need the weather forecast to move and as I speak with you now, I have not heard the sound of any . International and local flights cannot move because for any flight to move, they need a directive, they need to know the weather before they can move but as it is now, no staff is allowed to into the so there is no way they can get the information to move because, in aviation, flying is not by assumption but by instruction.”

On the likely time to suspend their action, he said: “We need a directive from the leaders, if there is an agreement between the government and the union, we will sheath our swords.”

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