Finally, Heartbroken Fancy Acholonu Exposes Alex Ekubo’s Sexuality - Pegars News | Pegars News


Finally, Heartbroken Fancy Acholonu Exposes Alex Ekubo’s Sexuality – Pegars News

“Finally no longer under anyone’s control, I’m free” -Fancy Acholonu writes as she deletes her apology post to Alexx

Fancy Acholonu has revealed how she dated Alex Ekubo for 5 years with out intimate relationship

Acholonu Made A U Turn On Monday As She Took To Instagram On Declare That She Is “Free” And That “The Chain Is Broken

Fancy Acholonu, the ex fiancée of Nollywood actor, Alex Ekubo has made extra stunning revelation about his sexuality.

This is coming after the Nigerian mannequin made different U-flip days after apologising and in search of reconciliation with ex-fiancé, Alex Ekubo.

While former love birds acquired engaged in May 2021, Acholonu instantly known as off their already-scheduled wedding ceremony in August of the identical yr.

On Friday, the mannequin issued a public apology to Ekubo through Instagram, stating that her coronary heart nonetheless belongs to him.

Ekubo reacted to the apology with a remark which learn, “I appreciate the apology. May God bless us all.”

The submit has since been deleted.

In an sudden flip of occasions, Acholonu took to Instagram on Monday to declare that she is “free” and that “the chain is broken.”

“Happy New Year everyone. 2023 will be my year of strength, being fearless, speaking up for myself & FINALLY no longer under anyone’s control. I’m free, the chain is broken. May God bless us all. #SimplyFancy,” she captioned the submit

In an interview with Stella Dimoko Korkus, Fancy Acholonu revealed that for the 5 years they dated, he by no means had intimacy with her.

“I tried my best. He wanted to get back with me as much as I did. We’ve been at this for one year. But he felt since I broke up with him I should do more of the work. I was fine with that but his methods are cruel and constantly public. His sexuality is not the reason I broke up with him. I’m very open minded so regardless of what he prefers, love is love for me. I loved him for his personality and heart nothing more. He didn’t want to be with me intimately which was confusing and difficult for me to understand especially for 5 years so it did affect my self esteem as I kept myself for him and when he would cheat with curvy women he wouldn’t perform with them either so I don’t know, I can’t confirm or deny his sexuality but for me, I loved him despite all and he still found ways to hurt me.”

“When I met him I didn’t have much experience so it was easy to convince me that his decision was because of religion. But as he would constantly cheat and yes I caught him, it would hurt me because that’s not part of the religious believe he made our celibacy to be. Honestly this whole thing has been complicated beyond words so it’s unhealthy for me to continue this relationship. I guess I needed this post he begged me to do so that i can see his intention was just to clean up his image.”

When requested to say one thing to Alexx via this interview, Fancy Acholonu stated: “Honestly I don’t know what to say to him. This has to be the most devastating thing I’ve ever been through, and for it to be so public; I pray we both find healing and peace because it won’t be an easy journey. One breakup statement shouldn’t have led to all this. I wish I never said anything but I am human; I was fed up with good reasons. I pray he doesn’t only focus on people’s reactions but evaluate his actions too. I also pray he learns to be real and more forgiving with his next person and not be so consumed with having the perfect image because it’s draining to keep that up. My mental health can’t tolerate our relationship anymore.”

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