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Expert cautions on socioeconomic risk of…


Internationally renowned dermatologist Dr Johnson has alerted Nigerians of dangers inherent in uncertified cosmetic products because of their harmful effect on the entire wellbeing of humans.

Johnson who is and chief consultant at the Derma Contour Aesthetic and Beauty with headquarters in Germany and a branch located in FCT raised this while being honored with an award of in Abuja by National Association of Northern Nigeria Students (NANNS).

Johnson said “It is a well-known fact that good and beauty and elegance go together. There is no beauty without good health because true beauty comes from within.

According to the German trained health researcher and “some cosmetics and beauty products are made with some certain dangerous chemicals which are offloaded into the without care for the unsuspecting consumers who may be ignorant of the inherent .

“Some of these products may lead to liver, kidney, heart or even brain and cancer. My in the past 20 years of hard work in this field including since the clinic was founded in Germany and the four years we have operated in Nigeria has revealed to me that an average Nigerian has kidney or liver dysfunction knowingly or unknowingly. However most choose to keep this to themselves. Some will prefer you treat the outside of the skin while the inside continues to degenerate.

“You cannot treat every skin disease with . Some skin problems could be as a result of dysfunctional organs like liver, heart, kidney, thyrod glands or Polysistic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and will defy such treatment.

“Sometimes when things are not right on the inside, like if there is dysfunction in the liver, kidney, thyroid glands or even heart, it can also manifest on the skin.

“For instance, some colored patches on the skin is a that something is with the liver or gut.

“Some patients have come to my clinic for treatment of a common itch only to end up being sent to a cardiologist to run a test.”


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