“Everybody Insulting Me for Marrying Second Wife Don’t Live In My House, They Don’t Know The Root” – Yul Edochie (video)

“Everybody Insulting Me for Marrying Second Wife Don’t Live In My House, They Don’t Know The Root” – Yul Edochie (video)

Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, has hinted that there’s a reason for his to a second wife.

The actor backlash after unveiling his second and revealing they have a child together last Wednesday. to the , many accused him of being to his of 17 years, May, especially since he severally attested that she never troubled him even when he had nothing.

However, reacting to the backlash during an with Music executive, Okoye, Yul said a lot of dragging him do not know the root of the matter. He reiterated that there’s a reason for his , but he’ll not share it to avoid seeing his wife, May, as a person.

are talking about something they don’t know the root of, there’s always a reason for something, everyone that is shouting an insulting me they don’t live in my house and as a man you don’t come out to say everything in I’ll rather take all the , they will not “. He said in .

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Meanwhile, Yul Edochie’s elder brother, Uche, has said their family is not in support of Yul’s second marriage.

Yul Edochie a stir on social media on Wednesday after he went public with his second marriage to Judy Austin and they have a together.

Reacting to the news, Yul’s brother, in a lengthy Instagram , said his brother’s of 17 years, May, has been unfairly treated.

He emphasized that Yul’s marriage to actress Judy Austin was not supported by the Edochie family, who counseled him against going ahead with the marriage, but he refused.

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