[EP] Victony – Outlaw D EP || Mp3

[EP] Victony – Outlaw D EP || Mp3

Victony D Highly Anticipated OUTLAW EP.

After the of the singles- ‘Apollo‘ and ‘Kolomental‘, Victony unleash his sophomore EP titled, ” Outlaw “.

Everybody has an [regarding] what you should do. And I just want to be myself. But it seems like being yourself, especially in this part of the , it’s sort of a crime. And I’m like, if being myself is a crime, then I’m an outlaw.”

Being an outlaw is a philosophy Victony has lived by since he Saturn EP

D behind his unrestricted became even clearer for him in April 2021, after a severe accident the life of his friend Doyin, and Victony and three others severely . In the that followed, he used his music to process, and explored deeper, more profound themes with singles like “Pray” and “ ”, the with Mayorkun.

D Outlaw EP consist of 7 tracks with production from; Blaise.


  1. Outlaw
  2. Apollo
  3. All Power
  4. Jolene
  5. Soweto
  6. Kolomental

On the 2022 “Outlaw EP“, Victony embraces that of freedom, did a showcase of his versatility and ability to translate his headspace into melody underscored with witty lyricism.

and below;


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