End of the road for motorbike thief in Lagos

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By Bose Adelaja

of the Lagos State Taskforce have arrested a suspected serial imposter and motorbike thief who specializes in officials of the Agency to snatch motorcycles in some parts of the state.

The suspect, Elias Marcus, was said to be camouflage and a wallet in order to dispossess unsuspecting victims of their bikes and valuables in different parts of the State.

The 33 years old suspect, a father of one was arrested in midday while he was trying to carry out his usual act of impersonating an official and stealing a bike.

According to the , Usman, 19, the suspect flagged down a bike around Mafoluku asking him to take him to the inner parts of Oshodi.

On getting to the , the suspect the rider to divert to a different where he pushed him off the bike and sped off with it.

“We got to our destination and before I knew what was happening I found myself on the ground after I had been pushed by the suspect.

“I knew he wanted to steal the bike. He rode off with the bike and I chased him till I caught up with him and struggled with him till officers of the Taskforce came to my rescue and arrested him.” Yahaya narrated.

The suspect confessed to being into the illicit trade of impersonating military and -military officers because it gives him free access on the roads and also some privileges across the country.

“I’ve always wanted to be a force but when I could not become one I decided to impersonate. It gives me clearance and commands respect for me in some instances and that was why I delved into the business of stealing under false pretence. My wife does not know I am into such a business” He .

Speaking on the incident in the Headquarters of The Lagos State Taskforce, The Chairman of the Agency CSP Shola Jejeloye said that he had given his officers to arrest and prosecute anyone impersonating officials of the Agency and tarnishing the image of the Agency.

“We have made a series of arrests in months because the reports of fake Taskforce personnel we are worrisome.

“We will carry on with this mop-up till every fake official is arrested and taken to court.

“This will serve as a deterrent to others who might be nursing the idea of ”, he stated.

The suspected impostor has been charged to court accordingly, he pleaded not guilty and the has been adjourned till 26th May 2022. He has been remanded in the Correctional Centre.

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