Emefiele presidency will bring peace, progress and prosperity…

Emefiele presidency will bring peace, progress and prosperity…

From Sola Ojo, Kaduna

The Unified Northern Federal Republic of Nigeria Youth Forum (UNNYF) on Saturday said a Godwin Emefiele presidency would bring peace, progress and to the country, hence, strongly appealing to the governor of the Central to accept the clarion and accept to run for Federal Republic of Nigeria’s highest political office.

The group, in a statement by its convener, Mohammed Salihu Danlami, stated that it is for a private sector player to steer the affairs of the country with fresh innovation and ideas for Federal Republic of Nigeria to full and measurable economic diversification.

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According to the group, ‘we wish to put it on record that the 23 years of the return of democracy, the South West with just 6 states has had a president for 8 years, a vice president going to 8 years and 2 speakers of the Federal House of Representatives.

‘It would be recalled that UNNYF canvassed around the and breadth of this country in a clarion on Dr Godwin Emefiele to contest the 2023 presidency and Nigerians from all works of added their voices to call him to contest which he is yet to accept.

‘We commend the Convener of the Green Alliance, Barr Wale Fapounda, who has come out to correct some misconceptions bandied in the public concerning the presidential ambition of the current Dr Godwin Emefiele.

‘We reiterate our commitment to the candidature of Dr Godwin Emefiele as the right candidate to fix Federal Republic of Nigeria and call on all and sundry to him for a better Federal Republic of Nigeria.

‘May 6, 2022, made in the political calendar of our dear country, Federal Republic of Nigeria, where a nomination and of interest forms were for the man whom the cap fits so well. We want to sincerely thank the group that purchased the forms for him immensely, truly, we salute its courage.

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‘Once again, we are calling on Dr Emefiele to kindly yield to the call of his , accept this clarion call and contest for the highest office in the country.

‘During our just concluded tour across the 19 Northern states meeting with various stakeholders who gave their full support and assurances, it became clear that today, no one individual is loved in Northern Federal Republic of Nigeria like Dr Godwin Emefiele.

‘For us, this is a dream come true, and in this, we great satisfaction and even hope and aspirations for the future. Dr Emefiele should further demonstrate his patriotism and love for the masses by accepting to contest.

‘Dr Emefiele has invested heavily in our region, and it’s time for us to pay him back, on this note, we are assuring him of our over 25 million votes from Northern Federal Republic of Nigeria because you have become one of us, a bonafide son of Northern Federal Republic of Nigeria. We the Northerners love you as our own. This and a little of votes from the South will make him president as the required fraction as by INEC will be met”, the group said .’

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