Elle Fanning Has One Question for Michelle…


Elle Fanning Has One Question for Michelle…

Elle Fanning Has One Question for Michelle…

If Elle  ever met  Carter in real life, she’d ask just one : Why did you in your eyebrows so dark?

It’s something that the has been about since Michelle, who was of involuntary in 2017, in the Hulu  The Girl From Plainville. “I think the harsh eyebrows really did a lot,” she shared during a roundtable with Entertainment Weekly‘s The Awardist . “She didn’t show a lot of and had like of those smirks and things—and I’m why she drew them on.”

Of course, Elle has her . She that the thick brows were like “war paint” for the teen, adding, “She’s going in and she wants to of get herself for every day.”

Although, if Elle ever did come to with Michelle, she said she wouldn’t know if she’d “have the guts” to ask her. 

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