Electoral Act: CSO counsels Reps not to join Senate in…

Electoral Act

…says it’s wrong to go ahead with

By Gabriel Ewepu, ABUJA

A Civil Organisation, , Adopt A Goal , AGGI, Tuesday, called on House of Representatives not to the Senate on alleged moves to amend Section 84(8) of the Act.

This was contained in a statement signed by the Executive Director, AGGI, Ariyo-Dare Atoye, while decrying the ungodly move, and described it as immoral and wicked for trying to the goalpost in the middle of the game.

The statement reads in part, “We wish to the House of Representatives to act in the national , take the path of honour and the secrete manoeuvres that compelled the leadership of the Senate to amend section 84 (8) of the new Electoral Act 2022.

“Coming in a time the political parties had already issued party guidelines, and the processes of party , it is self-serving, immoral and wicked for the Senate to shift the goalpost in the middle of the game.

“We are worried that less than three months after the Principal Act was signed into by President Muhammdu Buhari, the Senate is amending the law.

“This hurried amendment to section 84(8) is suspect and a new low in the history of law- in of because the provision is harmless. It beggars the belief that the Electoral Act is being amended to serve the singular interest of a party in power.

“Section 84(8) reads: “A political party that adopts the system of indirect primaries for the choice of its candidate shall clearly outline in its constitution and rule the procedure for the democratic election of delegates to vote in the convention, congress or meeting.”

“We urge the House of Representatives to rise above the narrow partisan interest of the party and let history be kind to it that it rebuffed a desperate overture to amend the Electoral Act to please one party.”

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