Ebaye Ntan ex-governorship aspirant defects to Labour Party

By Adeyemi Adeleye/Adeoti Okunola

The Labour Party (LP) in Lagos State has received John Ebaye Ntan, a 2019 governorship aspirant of the National Conscience Party (NCP), into its fold.

The Lagos State Chairman of LP, Prince Ifagbemi Awamaridi, who received Ntan with his followers at the party meeting in Lagos, said that only the LP could rescue the country and the state from the .

Awamaridi, who noted that the LP would be among the few political parties on the ballot in 2023 Elections, said that the party would valid primaries to select its flag-bearers.

Labour Party leaders in Lagos welcome Ebaye Ntan

“Our comrade from the National Conscience Party (NCP), Comrade Ebaye Ntan, was the presidential aspirant for NCP in 2019, contested with Dr Yinusa Tanko, the Chairman of NCP, and lost by a very slim margin

“He is now coming with all his people to join Labour Party. He is joining Labour Party officially at Eti-Osa Local Government. We congratulate you and welcome you into Labour Party,” Awamaridi said.

Ntan also contested as NCP governorship candidate in Lagos in the 2019 election, with Arit Bassey as .

The party chairman said that the LP has a lot of programmes for the state which would be unveiled when the campaigns .

“We have 10 cardinal programmes. We are signing an agreement with the masses.

“This is our logo and frontline charge. People can hold us onto this frontline charge. Labour party is the party of the masses.

“We must change Nigeria. We have come with the message of redemption and renewal. We want to redeem this state and nation from those who are oppressing the masses.

“We want to buy back the souls of Lagos residents. We need to wake up the souls of Lagos residents. We are going to change the whole thing when we come onboard.”

Awamaridi highlighted some of the party’s cardinal programmes to include commitment to , free compulsory education up to the , health services, internet connection, potable water, and employment.

According to him, the programmes also include affordable and transport and of wealth from super rich to the vulnerable poor.

In his remarks, Ntan said he was to join the Labour Party.

According to him, his is to change the of Nigeria and Nigerians.

“We are interested in the course of things in the society on issues that concern Nigerians and its citizens,” he said.

According to him, Nigeria needs to shift from her current condition and the Labour Party is going to shift the narratives toward the better country Nigerians want for their children.

Ntan called on Nigerians to support the Labour Party to deal with all issues.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that Ntan registered formally in the party register at the attended by party’s in the state.

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