Drama as Reps alter Electoral Act

Drama as Reps alter Electoral Act

From Ndubuisi Orji, Abuja

There was a mild drama on the floor of the House of Representatives, yesterday, as the House altered Section 84(8) of the Electoral to make provision for statutory delegates in political parties’ primaries to nominate for the 2023 .

Daily Sun gathered that although the session was called specifically to alter Section 84 (8) of the Electoral Act, the order paper circulated to members, had the amendment of Section 29, which deals with the frame within which political parties can submit list of their candidates to the National Electoral Commission ().

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Therefore, when the Deputy Speaker, Wase, who presided called for the consideration of the proposed amendment, members shouted ‘No’ . He quickly called for the of the order paper and replaced it with a new one, which had Section 84(8) as the proposed amendment. Nevertheless, when he called for the consideration of the again, still shouted ‘no’ ‘no’.

In this point, House Leader, Alhassan Ado Doguwa, up to assure members that the proposed amendment to the Electoral was Section 84 (8) to make for the inclusion of statutory delegates for party and conventions to nominate candidates for elections.

Doguwa said: “We are here to address an that involves our legislative process. It is a matter that we consider . It is very critical that in our journey to nationhood, we feel it is necessary this House convene this afternoon to consider this important amendment.

“We have discussed among ourselves and upon the commitment we have made to ourselves, I urge our colleagues to in the same to cure this particular in the body of our frame. It is nothing other than a simple insertion in Section 84 (8). It is for the inclusion of statutory delegates. Nothing more nothing less. I want to confirm to you that the other amendment failed in the Senate.”

Thereafter, the members agreed to the consideration of the alteration of the Electoral Act, which was taken through first and second readings, committee consideration and third .

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