China donates N2.8 billion agric demonstration centre to Nigeria - Pegars News | Pegars News


China donates N2.8 billion agric demonstration centre to Nigeria – Pegars News

China donates N2.8 billion agric demonstration centre to Nigeria – Pegars News

The Chinese Government on Tuesday delivered a China-aid Nigeria Agricultural Demonstration Centre mission value ¥44,100,000 (N2.8 billion) to the federal authorities as a contribution to the improvement of Nigeria’s agricultural sector.

The Ministry of Commerce China donated the mission and handed it to the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Cui Jianchun, the Chinese ambassador to Nigeria who handed over the mission, stated the centre would offer alternatives to farmers and authorities officers and deepen and broaden the two international locations’ relationship.

“The Chinese government is handing over this project to support Nigeria to develop a more modernised agricultural sector because our people believe that a technology-driven agriculture industry really means a lot,” said the Chinese ambassador. 

The Chinese ambassador believes that “Nigeria has great potential for agricultural development, and there is a need for machines, technology, among others, to achieve it.” 

Mr Cui added, “My biggest interest here in Nigeria is first security, we are working with Nigerian military sectors and law enforcement and we try to see the ways we can to improve the current situation.”

He defined that China had “done a lot in electricity, and now we are moving” to the agricultural sector. 

“Last July, I presented my strategy, called the Nigeria-China 5g GDP strategy and today I am proud to share with you the 5g: political and economic cooperation, military and security collaboration, international affairs coordination and people-to-people communication,” stated the Chinese ambassador.

Mr Cui revealed that China “achieved a lot in the infrastructure, ICT, industry, investment and import-export” from the Ogun and Lagos overseas commerce zone, and in Edo, “we have a lot of industrial parks and the first trade zone there.”

The Chinese ambassador added, “After my visit to those states, I found out that we are blooming and boosting this industry in Nigeria. We have delivered a tangible result to the people of Nigeria and also deepened and broadened the cooperation between the two countries.”


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