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Popular Nigerian singer, Brymo has been slammed on social media over his remark on Igbo presidency in the nation.

Brymo, who had endorsed Bola Tinubu, the 2023 presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), mentioned, in a Tweet on Thursday, that it is not advisable to have Peter Obi, the former governor of Anambra as the president of the nation.

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The singer said that Igbo presidency will stay a pipe dream as lengthy as there are talks about Biafra in the South East.

He wrote, “Well.. no other tribe seems to have a new country yet… as long as their talks by prominent people from Igboland about Biafra an Igbo presidency will be a pipe dream.

“Don’t respect my intelligence nor choices, you are trying to not accept resolve, argue more then… pls …. It is not prudent to elect him yet.

“He may have to vividly organise his home-front to lead rest of us, an Igbo VP first maybe to test the waters with the region is safer.”

His assertion angered Twitter customers who shamed him for making offensive remarks not simply in opposition to Peter Obi but additionally about Igbo individuals.

@HeisBriggs mentioned, “Brymo is a fake musician. He doesn’t practice what he preaches with his songs. He pretends to be woke and sings about slavery, but he’s the slave himself. He writes like an intelligent man but speaks like a layman. He is just fake, y’all ignore him.

@RayoKasali said, ” If a tribe of 40M+ who produced our first president 60 years in the past and the first indigenous head of the army nonetheless has to be examined with a VP slot (that they had like 44 years in the past,) then what does that say about smaller ethnicities?.

“What does that say about us as a [email protected] mentioned, “I’m not shocked with your tweet about the Igbos. Afterall, you’re the one that wore a G-string to promote your track the different time… Just smoke your weed in peace my man.

@Ayaya_is_Ayaya mentioned, “You assist Tinubu regardless of all the revelations about his character, you are evil and in all probability a felony like him. I have completely no respect for you. I like how the 2023 elections have uncovered lots of you

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