BREAKING: Bayern target Mane arrives Munich…


BREAKING: Bayern target Mane arrives Munich…

BREAKING: Bayern target Mane arrives Munich…

Munich Sadio Mane has arrived in for his . Florian Plettenberg, who was the first to on the Mane story, spotted the Liverpool star exiting a small jet with his entourage.

Note the special red Audi — Bayern always uses it to ferry new signings when they first arrive in Munich. It must be a in the . Anyway, the Audi was there to Mane on the tarmac. He’ll probably on to the Sabener Strasse for his medical.

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With almost all the details of the transfer already confirmed, the actual medical itself should only be a formality at this . It would be followed by the contract and a photoshoot, where Mane will be pictured with the Bayern Munich jersey as well as his new shirt number — after all, the #10 he for Liverpool and the Senegalese NT is already held by Leroy Sane at Bayern.

Don’t expect a announcement until tomorrow, unless some admin gets itchy and leaks the . We did see that happen during the Leroy Sane saga. The earliest fans can expect to catch a glimpse of Mane in Bayern red is during preseason next month. I, for one, cannot wait!

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