Biotech will accelerate Nigeria’s inclusive…


Biotech will accelerate Nigeria’s inclusive…

Biotech will accelerate Nigeria’s inclusive…


Prof Abdullahi Mustapha, -General, Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA), says biotechnology has the potential to fast-track Nigeria’s inclusive national growth.

Mustapha said this in Abuja on Tuesday during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

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The D-G said that biotechnology provides a knowledge-based approach to solving problems.

He said this was demonstrated during the height of the pandemic, where biotechnology provided a quick and safe solution to various challenges that arose from the pandemic.

He told NAN the Act establishing the organisation confers the authority on the agency to conduct research and development in biotechnology; in priority areas such as food security, agriculture, health, and environment.

According to Mustapha, the significance of the Act is that NABDA now has a legal framework that guides and its researches.

He said these researches were aimed at boosting agricultural ; promote environmental sustainability, development of and drugs, among others.

“In addition, the Act will enable the agency draw up programmes and policies for biotechnology utilisation in Nigeria; create an avenue to and disseminate research and recommendations of the agency on biotechnology”, he said.

Mustapha also said the passage of the Act would stimulate the rapid commercialisation of biotechnology research and development products.

“Let me my profound gratitude to President Muhammadu Buhari for his commitment to make Nigeria the largest economy in Africa.

“Also, for his to use biotechnology to foster socio-economic development, enhance the wellbeing of Nigerians and promote social stability.

“His prompt to the National Biotechnology Establishment Act, 2022 is another clear demonstration of government’s commitment to transform Nigeria from a consuming, -dependent nation to a , export–oriented economy,’’ Mustapha said.

He told NAN that by passaging the Bill into a law the lawmakers have demonstrated their sound of the dynamics of development in a globalised knowledge economy.

He said no nation could the development `miracle` of the Asian Tigers while insulating science from democracy.

Mustapha said that NABDA, through its researches, was Nigeria’s dairy and working on how to improve livestock genetics.

He said this was aimed at ensuring that indigenous cattle increased their milk and beef production capacity.

“The economic impact of dairy is enormous, ranging from opportunities to increasing the nation’s GDP.

“Also, the agency has helped to meet critical needs in Nigeria by identifying indigenous bacteria as Starter Culture for yogurt and other dairy uses.

“Additionally, a thermal resistant yeast was developed for bio ethanol production, bakery and other food beverages,’’ Mustapha told NAN.

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