BBTitans: Nelisa tells lots of lies – Lukay tells Big Brother – Pegars News

Big Brother Titans housemate, Lukay has described his fellow South African housemate, Nelisa as a liar.

During his diary session on Wednesday, the housemate who was requested to speak about some of his fellow housemates instructed Big Brother that “Nelisa tells lots of lies. She’s always making issues up. She actually has a narrative about every thing.

“I can inform you now that I was nearly in a aircraft crash and she’ll come in and say ‘yes even me I was in a plane the other day and the flight attendant was doing this and that and it starting swinging to the left and to the right’ then you can see her attempting to make up the story in her head and she’ll begin including it up and placing it collectively.

“She does precisely the identical factor with Thaban. They have opinions about each single factor.

“And each single factor you speak about she should have one thing. She’s by no means out and can by no means say I don’t know about this or I’m not half of it.

“She always has one thing that she has accomplished that you have accomplished too. There’s no individual like that in this world, Big Brother. She has opinions about every thing …and she’s nonetheless younger but she feels that she’s accomplished every thing in the world.

“She always has something to say about everything everybody says. No human being can relate to everything in life.”

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