Bandits Invade Zamfara Communities, Kill Over 50…

Bandits Invade Zamfara Communities, Kill Over 50…


In least 50 have been killed by bandits in Zamfara state.


The coordinated attacks were carried out on the in the state before a joint team confronted them.


According to Premium , the tragic incident happened on afternoon in three villages in the Bakura Government Area of Zamfara State.


A former councillor Premium Times that the gunmen attacked Sabon Garin Damri, Damri and Kalahe villages, around 2:30pm on Friday.


He was quoted as saying, “I was in the main town when the bandits entered Sabon Garin Damri. We suddenly saw running towards us. Then we hearing gunshots. I was miraculously saved.”


According to him, the bandits carried out coordinated attacks on the villages before a joint security team confronted them.


Another resident, Mu’azu Damri, told the newspaper that the number of casualties would have been more if the security agents didn’t the bandits.

“I’ll have to personally them (security agents), though I believe they should have come earlier because if they came in the right , they would have saved a lot of people. But their arrival helped because the number would have been more than that,” he said.


Damri also said the intervention of the military the bandits to flee leaving behind the livestock, food items, and other things they had looted from residents.


While Damri said the bandits killed 48, people, multiple sources confirmed that the casualty was 56.


“We counted 56 people,” the councillor said. “In Damri, only three people were killed; a and two other men but the remaining were all killed in Sabon Garin Damri and Kalahe. Some of them were not residents of the two communities. They were people who came from nearby villages to celebrate Eid El Fitr with their relatives” he said.


Another resident of Bakura Town, Lauwali, also said 56 people were confirmed by residents of the three communities.


He said those who were were treatment in the Hospital, Bakura.


A police officer who on the of anonymity told the newspaper that they were aware of the situation.


“We’re aware but you can for an official statement. I know that a reinforcement has been sent to Bakura and Talata Mafara axis this . The CP may even visit the communities later,” he said.

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