APC primary: Akeredolu denies plot to impose…

APC primary: Akeredolu denies plot to impose…

Ondo State , Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, has dismissed of plot to impose of the All Congress in Ondo State for next year’s elections. Governor Akeredolu said rumours of imposition of candidates were sponsored by those he termed ‘disgruntled purported whose mission is to destabilize the party of the coming elections.’

Akeredolu who urged aspirants to focus on their campaigns said he is to the principle of party supremacy. He said the same principle of party supremacy produced the and rancour-free congress that was in the state. Speaking in a by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Richard Olatunde, Govemor Akeredolu said the allegation that candidates were being propped to be imposed ahead of the party primaries was an attempt by those with tainted party loyalty to box the APC into a state of helplessness in order to whittle down the supremacy of the party.

His words, “Blackmail cannot stop the of the party to enforce and collective discipline through processes as enunciated in the various stakeholders’ sessions in the last three weeks. As an incurable democrat, Governor Akeredolu has always preached and fairness, and justice even in playing his role in the affairs of the party in the state and at the national level. Governor Akeredolu is a loud in the struggle for fairness and the need for the party to the of in the forthcoming elections.

He will not lead any struggle that will his beliefs and strong convictions.”

“It should be noted that Ondo APC is the only rancor-free chapter of the party in the Southwest. This was made possible by the fair and principled leadership of Governor Akeredolu. His commitment to a united party devoid of groupings and factions is unparalleled.”

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