Angela Nwosu: Video; Man vow to expose Angela Nwosu for defrauding people


Angela Nwosu: Video; Man vow to expose Angela Nwosu for defrauding people

Angela Nwosu: Video; Man vow to expose Angela Nwosu for defrauding people

A man on Facebook with a page Palace of Justice has vowed not to rest until he exposed all the means Angela Nwosu is using to exploit her followers.

He mentioned clearly that Angela Nwosu is a fraudster who uses spiritual products to defraud by them at an rate.

In his post, he stated that all Angela Nwosu spiritual products are fake and only bad luck, I wonder why will buy fake spiritual products that badluck to them and their family and also takes away their destiny, he .

He also lay emphasis on the recent between Angela Nwosu and her house help Loveth, he noted that there is no in all the allegations levied against Loveth by Angela Nwosu, and if their is any truth in such allegations, Angela Nwosu should allow Loveth say her own part of the story on what transpires.

He downplay the idea of Angela Nwosu being real in all her spiritual works and asked why she didn’t see all these coming if she is genuine.

He however with his colleague, pationately ask Angela Nwosu to be sincere with her followers and tell them how her mother is really suffering in the village. She questioned Angela Nwosu source of wealth and asked why her mother and her siblings are suffering in the village in Nnewi, Anambra State. Listen and watch the below

In one of his Facebook Post, he bitterly made public “Do you know that Angela Nwosu has a large WhatsApp group where she is collecting money from girl’s every month in the name of monthly ritual, which is A VERY BIG SCAM

He continued (monthly ritual is the format she’s using to be scamming our young girls) And let me ask you people again does Ezenwanyi do ? He threw the question to his Facebook followers as reactions poured in.

Truth be told, he question the mixed up in the story Angela Nwosu narrated between her and Loveth in their latest  , He said; Angela Nwosu told us that is her mother in-law that brought Loveth to her, now she’s saying is an that brought Loveth to her. Madam fake blue eyes which one should we believe?, He passionately asked.

And I heard you said you are a first time mum, chineke Angela you lie pass Devil, what to your first daughter you born at home in 2010. Is only your awaiting giveaway follower’s you can deceive, he backed his claim with a picture of Angela Nwosu with a picture he claimed the baby is hers.

Angela Nwosu (AKA) madam fake blue eyes, born this child at home and has been deceiving her end time and destiniless followers that Aria is her first child. My question now is, if madam fake blue eyes can denied and lie about her first daughter. What makes you think that the blue eyes she’s selling will be , He asked.

Meanwhile she is using your money to buy land at lekki for her while you are wearing fake blue eyes up and down nothing to show, Palace of Justice angrily posted on their timeline.

Blue eyes money at work, her husband no get shishi, he is enjoying money from blue eyes from Angela scamming business. She told us her husband is a  director, why did he relocated to Dubai since last year, is he also directing movie in Dubai. What work is he doing in that Dubai. Make una get and stop making a scammer richer. Is there truth in this post?, Pegars is still wondering as we continue to .

Alot of his post lately has generated alot of views and opinions, the most popular, was a video a Pastor made the of if Angela Nwosu is fake and scamming people with her spiritual products. Watch and listen, then be the judge;

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