Amaechi To Imo APC: Everybody Will Be Protected If I’m Elected President

Minister of transportation, Rotimi Amaechi has stated that every will be protected if he is elected president of Nigeria.

Speaking at a meeting on Tuesday with , Imo , and APC in the state, Amaechi stated that he would be sincere to every if he is given the opportunity.

“Give me this opportunity and you will see the difference. me,” the presidential hopeful said.

“Once you give me this opportunity, I will be sincere to you and to everybody. We will do our best to make sure that the Igbos are protected, the Yourubas will be protected, the Hausa/ will be protected, everybody will be protected.”

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The minister said he has the capacity to solve the country’s security challenges.

“If you ask ‘why will they us?’ I’m a young man, a between the young and the old, a of the soil, and I am approachable,” he said.

“I may be one of the youngest, but I’m the most . As Governor of Rivers State, what you’re currently here now, I faced in Port Harcourt, and I dealt with it and overcame it. Be assured that if we are given this power, we will overcome this crisis by God’s .

“When I was giving those recommendations, I never thought I would go for presidential consultations, I just felt there was a need for balancing, because we are Nigerians, and if you see my , it’s made of nearly every zone in the country.”

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