All you need to know about crises and war as a civilian

All you need to know about crises and war as a civilian

All you need to know about crises and war as a civilian

There are some that Don’t know about Crisis/
War.War Causes more harm to the Civilians more than the
Military,that is why you as a Civilian should not cause any
that will Crisis or War.

1.Lack of Food.
Believe me, If there is Crisis,there will be Lack of Food,
will , There will be No No selling of because
everyone is of Loosing his or her Life. Even Farmers will be
Afraid to go out and farm because of the .

2.Your will Stop Going to .
When there is Crises, Even you to Allow your Children to Go to
School will be a Problem,
Even the Teachers that will teach them will also be afraid of
coming out,But In the Barracks, Children will still be Going to

3.Civil might stop Going to Work.
Believe me, When there is Serious crises in Town, I don’t think you
can think of Going to work. Everywhere will be full of Tension,
Many will not Open,So If you don’t go to work, How are
you going to be paid? No Work No Payment.

4. Might Also Stop Work.
You might think that you have Money in the to sustain you
through out the period,
remember, that money can finish,or Banks will not be ,so
now tell me,How are you going to get the Money?But anyhow the
situation is,A Military man Must be paid.

5.Loss of .
During War or crisis,There will be loss of Lives both Military and
Civilians,But 90% of People who Lost their lives will be Civilians.

6.Damging of .
During War, Properties are being , And 80% of the
damaged properties to the Civilians,No Matter how the
is, Military will Have Less percentage.
You See the reasons why you have to stay out of trouble as a


  1. Nothing good comes out of crises and war. May God help us

  2. Ok

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