Alex Ekubo: Fancy Acholonu Finally Reveals Why She Called Off Their Engagement – Pegars News

Fancy Acholonu has lastly revealed why she known as off the engagement between she and Alex Ekubo

Fancy Acholonu, who is letting it all out this yr, revealed that Alex is attempting to smash her status as a result of she left him

Fancy Acholonu, the estranged fiance of actor, Alex Ekubo has continued to communicate out on their failed engagement.

The mannequin who is letting all out this yr, has lastly revealed why she known as off their engagement. While responding to Fab jewels attraction for her to hold issues non-public, Fancy claimed that Alex was attempting to smash her and her status, as a result of she left him.

She harassed on how she endured so much with Alex, from his dishonest to his lies and tons extra. But for him to make her always apologize to him is improper.

“No I won’t. Alex has succeeded in trying to ruin me and my reputation just because I left him. Grace you slightly know me I’m calm quiet dance, play work, and mind my business. I endured everything a Nigerian women typically does from her man which is lies and all the cheating etc. But to make me apologize constantly publicly. It is WRONG! I never revealed why I left. I never bashed him. I only said sorry for making a statement. I am someone’s child, someone’s future wife. I need to speak up for myself. Don’t tell me to stop. Silence is why many people are depressed. Alex needs to stop his manipulation! His ego and wanting me to say sorry all the time, he is the problem NOT me! Everytime I’ve made its a statement is because of HIM! Don’t tell me to stop. Tell him”.

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