Adeboye Should Call Osinbajo To Order Or Withdraw His Pastoral Calling As RCCG Does Not Ordain People to Lie

Adeboye Should Call Osinbajo To Order Or Withdraw His Pastoral Calling As RCCG Does Not Ordain People to Lie

Adeboye Should Call Osinbajo To Order Or Withdraw His Pastoral Calling As RCCG Does Not Ordain People to Lie

Various persons has on the Vice President,
Professor Yemi Osinbajo, to respect his supposed pastoral calling
and stop his nasty habit of lying, pastor Osinbajo refuses to heed
these calls and to spew falsehood forgetting or perhaps
not caring that the is the father of all liars.
Nigerians may recall that Vice President Osinbajo falsely alleged
that former President Jonathan took ₦100 billion from the Central
Bank of Nigeria in cash to his house in Abuja and when
challenged to provide proof of his fallacious , the Vice
President hid behind ‘sources’ and began to feed stories from
anonymous to the media.
This time around, the Vice President alleges that three persons
working under former President Jonathan looted $3 billion from
the nation’s resources. I make bold to say that Vice Presidents
Osinbajo is a liar and I him once again to prove me
wrong by mentioning those three and providing proof that
they stole the amounts stolen.
It is sad that at a time when the administration should be
telling Nigerians what they have achieved after three years, they
continue to blame and point fingers.
The reason for this is because neither President nor Vice
President Osinbajo can point to any project that they have initiated,
started and completed in three years.
Nigerians voted for President and Vice President Osinbajo
because they said that:
* Subsidy was a fraud they they would stop
* Fuel would be sold at ₦40 per liter, and
* Fuel scarcity would end.
Today, after three years:
* The administration is paying more subsidy than former
President Jonathan ever paid at ₦1.4 annually.
* Fuel price was increased from ₦87 to ₦145 per liter
* Fuel scarcity is .
faced with these facts, a desperate administration, wanting
to be re-elected and knowing that it cannot run on its record, has
devised a plan to distract from its woeful record of failure
by making false allegations on the of former
President Goodluck Jonathan.
I therefore call on the General Overseer of the Christian
Church of God, Pastor to pastor Yemi
Osinbajo to stop lying. If Professor Osinbajo fails to heed this
advise, I urge Pastor Adeboye to that the Redeemed
Christian Church of God ordains it pastors not to lie but to spread
the word of God. Is this what Vice President Osinbajo is doing?
This administration has yet to tell Nigerians what happened to the
$25 billion that was awarded in without due process by
the Nigerian National Corporation or how Maina was
, reinstated, double promoted and given armed guards or
why the indicted Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Health
Insurance Scheme was reinstated despite a clear case of
or when Babachir Lawal would be charged.
Instead they continue to mud at those who have achieved
what they have not achieved.
If Pastor Osinbajo cannot stop his habit of lying, I hereby call on
pastor Adeboye to withdraw his pastorate before he brings the
church of Christ into disrepute.


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