Actor, Uche Odoputa calls for prayers for his…


Actor, Uche Odoputa calls for prayers for his…

 Uche Odoputa calls

Nollywood actor, Uche Odoputa has to Nigerians to pray for the of his who was abducted three ago.

Speaking in a video shared on his Instagram page, the actor said his father was alongside his friend from his in Imo state.

According to him, no one has heard from his father since the and his abductors are yet to release him after three weeks.

He went to beg Nigerians to join his family in praying for the safe return of his father.

He said in part,

“Today is the third Friday my father was abducted alongside his friend, Raphael Ojukwu.

“My father Kenneth Odoputa, from my village Amaebu Ebenator Orsu government area of Imo state.”

Watch him below,

In other news, , Yvonne , has narrated how she was almost robbed by robbers on the third mainland bridge in last .

In an Instagram about the incident, the actress stated she was driving alone when a man approached her from under the bridge and to attack her.

Fortunately, the gridlock subsided, and she was able to leave the area. The actress, who noted that the robbers target people driving alone, the public to be extra and on when the route.

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