Achimugu’s chat with Atiku’s daughter! Dad’s belief in power of money cause of his failure - Pegars News | Pegars News


Achimugu’s chat with Atiku’s daughter! Dad’s belief in power of money cause of his failure – Pegars News

Achimugu’s chat with Atiku’s daughter! Dad’s belief in power of money cause of his failure – Pegars News

A contemporary can of worms has been opened by Michael Achimugu, the whistleblower at the root of the present credibility disaster being confronted by Atiku Abubakar, the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), in the February 25 election, with a revelation that Ifeanyi Okowa, the working mate is additionally has his palms dirty in the corruption pie.

Achimugu, who alerted Nigerians about how Atiku, as Vice President beneath former President Olusegun Obasanjo, opened a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), by which they pillaged the Nigerian widespread purse by shady contracts, revealed in a contemporary video, half of the collection he promised the public, how Okowa, presently the Delta State Governor, paid $5million, greater than N5billion, to a retired prime General in the Nigerian Army, with which he virtually purchased the place of Atiku’s working mate.

As in the case of Atiku, the place he offered audio proof of the dialog, the place the former VP, appeared to have confirmed the corruption offers, he additionally offered an audio dialog he had with a prime aide of the PDP flagbearer, who gave perception into how armed with the money, the General went to work, to seal the deal.

In making Okowa his selection, Atiku had dumped Nyesom Wike, Governor of Rivers State, favoured by the choice committee raised by the former VP in the PDP to assist him in deciding on the appropriate candidate as the working mate, a growth, which did not go effectively with some outstanding and abnormal members of the {party}.

Though Wike had since dismissed the suggestion of being sad with the determination, he has since led a rebel, by a physique recognized as G-5 Integrity Group, consisting 5 governors of the {party} and some different outstanding members, who had sworn that they would not help Atiku’s presidential campaigns as lengthy as Iyorchia Ayu, remained the National Chairman of the {party}, on the floor that it was in opposition to the spirit and letters of the PDP structure for the positions of the presidential candidate and {party} chairman to come from the similar part of the nation.

In the video, the place he defined that Atiku’s drawback with Wike did not begin in the PDP primaries, the place the former VP beat the governor to a second place to choose the {party}’s ticket, Achimugu, narrated how in 2020 throughout the COVID-19 restrictions, he had a dialog with his boss, by way of e-mail, the place the former advised him that as a result of Wike would not afford to compete, due to the truth that he would want to save some money to reside a good life later, he would actually “be a lame duck” in 2022.

“There was nothing Wike may have completed that would sit effectively with Atiku, particularly as Atiku’s cabal feared that Wike’s robust character would be an issue for them if they want to management him. And certain, they would want to management him, after all, they do have management over their very own grasp.

“Now, you’re going to like this. Governor Okowa of Delta State is Atiku’s working mate. Prince Olatunji Olusoji, is Okowa’s Senior Adviser on Special Duties. He’s a celebration-loving man and spent his money on Atiku’s marketing campaign. You can see from his WhatsAPP chart and cellphone conversations with me that he does not want Atiku and Okowa to win. He makes use of very robust phrases like ‘Okowa must perish.’ He describes Atiku as determined, a betrayer and deceitful.

“Prince Olatunji is angry about the looting of the resources of Delta State to fund Atiku’s desperation. He goes on to accept that Governor Okowa, his employer, paid a bribe of $5million to a certain General Gusau, who along with the PDP Chairman, Ayu, went around to meet some notable people in Nigeria to make sure that Okowa, rather than Governor Wike emerged as the VP candidate of the party.”

Achimugu, subsequently urged his viewers to: “Listen carefully to his words, read carefully his messages and understand the true state of mind of genuine Atiku followers and supporters, who are still within that system. Olusoji is not an ex-aide or a former aide like myself. He is a currently serving aide, who is angry about injustice, about corruption and the likes. Will you also accuse him of having collected N200million from some other opponents? Will he be called a blackmailer as well? Listen to the genuineness of his anger and understand the true state of mind of a lot of Atiku supporters and aides, whose testimonies I’ll also be putting out in the sequel to this episode.”

Hear the dialog:

Olatunji: Atiku self no get money once more

Achimugu: Does he have the type money to contest election now?

Olatunji: He does not have money to run this election. He’s broke!

Achimugu:But why Atiku go defect once more? Who are Atiku’s advisers?

Olatunji: Na Okowa and Ayu na him mislead am. Okowa and Ayu, particularly Ayu. Okowa is utilizing Ayu to do the injury.

Achimugu: But the injury will be for all of them now! The whole {party} loses, no be all of them lose?

Olatunji: You know what occurred, earlier than the primaries, Okowa and Ayu went spherical. Na Ayu carry Okowa, Okowa went to give General Gusau $5million.

Achimugu: Wow!

Olatunju: So General Gusau went to work on IBB

Achimugu: Okay!

Olatunji: IBB and Gusau have been the ones who imposed Okowa on Atiku. You no see as Wike shame Atiku?

Achimugu: Yes now!

Olatunji: I help Wike o! I stand with Wike!

Achimugu: I stand with Wike!

Olatunji: You know say Atiku de lie. He uncovered Atiku the way Atiku de lie. He completed Atiku

Achimugu: Yes now!

Olatunji: Atiku is aware of about the plot, he was simply going to deceive Wike. Now, Wike don shame am for public now.

Achimugu: You see your governor, don carry Delta State enter debt, I hear say e accumulate mortgage of N140billion over Atiku matter?

Olatunji: Ahh! The complete debt wey e don accumulate na virtually N250billion

Achimugu: Jesus!

Olatunji: Almost N250billion e don accumulate over this Atiku matter

Achimugu: Hmm!

Olatunji: We e want take sponsor Atiku

Achimugu: Atiku self no get money once more?

Olatunji: Does he have the type of money we dey take contest election?

Achimugu? How does Nigeria get higher. Like you rightly mentioned in your message to me the different time, you mentioned Atiku will not appoint individuals based mostly on competence as a result of he has made guarantees to completely different individuals!

Olatunji: Of course!

Achimugu: So, how’s he going to make the nation work? How

Olatunji: Don’t fear, we’re not going wherever.

Achimugu: I gained’t lie to you, I don’t see you individuals successful this election o!

Olatunji: Dem de look for money wey dem want to use reside life. Na dem papa money dem want to use extort individuals.

Achimugu: Na waa o! sure!

Olatunji: Craze individuals. Their story full all over the place o

Achimugu: Kai! Dam puru ba!

Olatunji: Their story full all over the place for city! Their story full all over the place for Abuja. People don know dem!

Olatunji: Still dem wan extort individuals, use dem papa election take make money!

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