Abia lawmaker decries poor condition of state’s health…

Abia lawmaker decries poor condition of state’s health…

From Okey Sampson, Umuahia

A member representing South state constituency in the Abia State House of Assembly, Hon Obinna Ichita, has decried the deplorable condition of the health sector in the state.

Local Government and Ward Chairmen of the everything Grand Alliance (APGA) in the ’s state secretariat, Umuahia, the lawmaker lamented that “Abia has more mortuaries than functional hospitals”.

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He the State Government of abandoning the health sector, a development, he said, posed an existential to residents.

“The number of mortuaries and funeral homes in Abia is more than the number of hospitals in the state. Go and check, from Osisioma to Umuahia what you will see along the is mortuaries.

“Check again from Umuahia to Aba through the Old all that you get on the way is mortuaries and funeral homes except only one health centre in Mbubo.

“In Abia State, Thursdays and Fridays have now been converted to burials. Why wouldn’t people die like chickens when workers and pensioners are owed and the state is comatose?

“Go to Abia State University Teaching Hospital Aba and you will confirm that the only functional unit in that hospital is the mortuary department. For 25 months the staff are owed and they have been on strike for 18 months.

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“Why will you be surprised that the ABSU medical school lost NUC accreditation? It’s no longer a of Hon Ichita government even the Federal Republic of Medical Association is also lamenting over this devastating development.

“Those who survive in Abia are surviving by miracle because the Government has almost abandoned the people to their fate.”

Hon Ichita who equally expressed concern over the sanitary condition of the state, charged APGA to remain committed and steadfast in their for the party, predicting that “APGA wave will sweep through the state in 2023”.

He the ruling everything Progressives (APC) and the main opposition People’s Democratic Party () of having no plans for the South .

According to him, the inability of both to their presidential to the South East despite the zone’s in both parties is a that the zone is not in their .

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