A lot of married men are unfaithful to their…

A lot of married men are unfaithful to their…

TV Star, Huddah Monroe has taken to her to give a hint on the reason most men are unfaithful in their marriages.

According to Huddah, the reason most married men cheat on their is because their vaginas are no tight.

The former Brother Africa housemate this on Instagram while encouraging to invest in tighteners.

The post she shared on her story ;

’t be lied to by haters and skeptics, Your husbands probably left because the vagina ain’t it anymore.

Listen to the skeptics and your whole life is a mess.

Vagina ages too i’m here to help you keep that relationship or alive not kill you . I’ll need your coins again so why kill. lol!

and by the of married men cheat because they chasing the ! Lol!

That tight vagina is life.

Meanwhile, Actor and , Yul Edochie, who recently took a second wife, much to the chagrin of his first wife, has noted that though silence is good, it was not always the answer, adding that it has gotten to a where he’ll speak.

The Actor had caused a stir on social media when he announced his second marriage to Judy Austin, adding that the actress already had a son for him

His first wife, May, later shared a post in which she stated that her and faith do not practice polygamy.

In what seemed like a reaction to his first ’s , Yul wrote;

“Silence is good. But it’s certainly not always the best answer. It has gotten to the point where I’ll speak.”

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