Dear ladies, your finger is not a key holder that you are engage for years without future-Sam Odege

If you have been in a relationship that is five years old and above with an engagement ring on your finger, please go back to the man who gave you the ring. Remove it in his presence, drop it on his palms, (drop it on the floor if he refuses to take it) look straight into his eyes and tell him that your finger is not a key holder. When he’s ready, he should come and do the needful. And for the meantime you ain’t putting on any ring anymore, you can still be taken by any right person.

I write this with so much displeasure and annoyance. Few days ago, I enquired of a lady who I know so well. She has matured so much in age yet unmarried. To my greatest surprise, I was told that she has been in a relationship with one particular man for seven years! Seven full years leader! In the Old Testament in the land of Israel, that’s the exact year a slave is supposed to go free from the master. That’s what God commanded. Read your Bible. To worsen the situation, in fact the one that made me have stomach ache in my head, the said man she’s in a relationship with is saying nothing about marriage yet. Probably, this year would be their eight relationship anniversary! What nonsense! In a relationship that is eight years old, the lady is still saying openly to the hearing of everyone that God should provide her with a husband. Which other husband is she expecting?

Listen, sometimes you cause these problems for yourselves and turn back to blame the men. What you don’t want in your life, you shouldn’t permit. Why will you allow a man, whosoever he may be to tie you down in the name of relationship for a bunch of seven years? They slide a ring on your finger and promise you marriage without a future plan. For crying out loud, your finger is not a key holder.

Scientifically, statistically, logically and physically, it’s been proven over time that women’s beauty do fade away as they grow older. I may be too blunt here but I just need to say this. You allow them put a ring on your finger and in the eyes of every other guy out there, you have been taken! Yes, that’s how we see you! Some guys may still come around to say hi even with the ring on your finger but certainly they are not coming for marriage because what you’re putting on has already told them that you have been grabbed.

The more he delays you, the more you fade in beauty. Except he’s responsible and Godly, he might leave you for someone who is fresher, younger and more charming. Remember, a man can marry at any time but that doesn’t go so well with women. Please, don’t let that engagement ring create a scar on your finger before you remove it.

Enter every relationship with your two eyes wide open. They said that love is blind but I Sam Odeg am telling you now that my own is not and can never be blind. Its two eyes are seeing very clearly. Look before you dive in. And if you’ve dived in and found out it’s not working, please dive out. A broken relationship is far more better than a broken marriage. I pray that you will succeed in your relationships and marriages.


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