Forging WAEC certificate is enough reason to vote out Buhari and APC-Luke Ikenna

President Buhari has proving so far that he is incompetent in managing and handling the affairs of this country, his administration is rated poorly in diverse sector of the economy. The recent controversy that was trending in the current political system, where he was unable to present his WAEC certificate simply because he doesn’t have any, then WAEC presented him a certificate which we all know is fake.

If the president is a man of integrity like the APC always claimed, we expect him not to run for the upcoming election because he doesn’t have the requirement, trying to manipulate the electoral requirement is the corruption Buhari always preach about and note that according to the Nigerian constitution “A candidate contesting for a political position shall be disqualified if he has presented a forged certificate to INEC”. The certificate presented to INEC by President Buhari is fake he should be disqualify, but who will disqualify him, because we have a corrupt system altogether.

Getting and presenting a fake certificate to INEC simply means he is going to run a fake government. If president Buhari doesn’t have an ordinary secondary school certificate, that also means he did not attend any secondary school, not to mention higher education, because certification is an evidence of education. Nigeria is advance that we cant have such a man to head our political system.

When things goes wrong like this in an advance democratic country, their leaders simply resigns, but at first they wont even get to such a respectable position of being the president of the country without a certificate. The recent requirement by INEC for candidates to compete for the office of the presidency is the School Certificate level or its equivalent, this should be updated to the PhD or the degree level in order to avoid people like Buhari in the political system.

Now i see the major reason why he said he doesn’t know what a recession and diversification is all about, ordinarily someone who did not finish secondary school would not know, It is high time we do things the right way, APC has failed Nigerians. President Buhari with the backing of APC acquiring a forged certificate and presenting it to the most populous black nation with intelligent citizens simply means they are taking Nigerians for a joke and therefore Nigerians should prove to this spirit government that we all deserve a competent government, I don’t care which party you vote for but the APC is not an option, enough of the political ride. Nigerians deserves the best.


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