Road/car worthiness is important and should be fully implemented-Ojukwu

To me his views were all borne out of frustration but not logical.
This is the issue, no vehicle that doesn’t meet standard should be
allowed to ply our roads in a normal circumstance. A vehicle that
it’s body is in shambles pose a lot of risk for road users and the
owner as well. Not to talk of the death of the “aesthetic-ness” of
our cities due to an explode of many disastrously looking vehicles,
or should we talk about the health hazards coming from allowing
vehicles that are not fit to ply our roads run on our highways?
Should we talk about the destruction of our “not available roads” by
these nasty looking vehicles?

Yes! I understand that our government has failed to provide good
roads for us, but we as citizens contributes to an extent to which
we have bad roads too. Take for instance, in some parts where
roads are constructed, you’d see destructions of these roads by
careless drivers who either were drunk or due to overspending
destroys pavements, walkways or streetlights, but never pays for
their carelessness by fixing these things or paying fines equivalent
to what they damaged. How then do we expect government to
come back and refix the road? Where should they get appropriation
for such? What about those roads damaged by road users due to
unworthiness of their vehicles, who gets to fix it and where would
the funds come from? Considering that our highways aren’t tolled,
where should such revenue for maintenance be gotten from?

This is why it appears as if we keep having bad roads. I’m not
saying that this is exclusively the reason why we have bad roads
but is also one of the many cogent reasons.
For Godwin and many emotional Nigerians of whom I understand
their frustrations and equally share in it, our roads need some form
of protection even though they aren’t VEHICLE WORTHY in all
sense of it. For many reasons including the safety of road users
What we should be calling for is that the implementers of this good
policy adheres to it completely by not subverting the main purpose
for this and start enriching themselves through this. We should not
focus on paperworks as the satisfaction of vehicular road
worthiness, but consider every aspect of vehicular parts to
guarantee the safety of our roads which includes infrastructures
and the users.


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