Studyscheme is a grant scholarship organization that has been existing for for over 3 years now, it has sponsored so many candidates both in Nigeria and abroad for graduates and undergraduate studies. Study scheme is Non governmental and charitable organisation that believe in human capital development, which they believe is the key to the development of Nigeria. They are committed to developing human capacity in various field, be it Medicine, Engineering, Politics, Relations. Finance, Agriculture, Economy, Taxation, and lot more.

Currently, over 15,000 people has and are benefiting from studyscheme program in Nigeria. Each year, studyscheme has a target and plan on enrolling over 1,500 candidates to study in their partner universities across the world, based on their program of interest.

Study scheme portal is now open and accepting application for graduate and undergraduate studies in your field of interest. Note that applicant are to upload their credential online and an application fee is also charged by study scheme, though it is refered to as call fee, beacuase after your application, one of their representative will call you to discuss on your program of interest in relation to the available institution, which applicant also attested to.

To apply, click on the link


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