5 home remedies to treating rashes on babies

1. Cold Compress
If your baby is struggling with rashes there is one thing you can do
for quick relief. You can wrap ice in a soft cloth that will be
comfortable for your baby and dab it on those places that are
affected. It will make your little one feel comfortable. During the
hot summer, a cold compressor will really relieve you and make
you feel good.

2. Cucumber
Cucumber is also a quick relief from heat rashes. One good thing
is that you can put cucumber on your baby’s skin directly.
Cucumber also has a cooling property in it. And this is what helps
the baby while it has rashes. After applying or rubbing cucumber
on to rash, you can wash it with cold water, and your little one will
feel relieved.

3. Tea Tree Oil
Here’s another option that will really help your baby feel good and
comfy. Tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory properties in it and is
extremely helpful in soothing your baby’s skin rashes.

4. Coriander
Grounded coriander can also be applied to the areas that are
affected. It can be applied to the baby’s skin before your baby’s

5. Gram Flour
Mix gram flour with some water and apply it in the affected area to
see immediate results. This is very effective and simple thing that
will help your little one. It is also safe for your baby.


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