Why they are all afraid and cant face senator Shehu Sani-Bashir Bello

As an activist, Senator Shehu Sani has followed his instinct and
remained faithful to his calling. Unlike those who find themselves
in power by accident of history and abuse such rare privileges,
Senator Shehu Sani, has, in his entire lifetime championed the
cause of the masses and defended the downtrodden class who
suffer from the abuse of some privileged accidental public

We in Kaduna Central enjoy the rare moment of having a legislator,
an executive and an activist all combined in one person. That
person is no other than our distinguished senator
As a senator, Shehu Sani is a trailblazer whose contribution to the
Red Chamber is historic. His contributions to debates earned him
the admiration of not only the Nigerian Senate by the British
parliament. His erudition and oratory earned him an award by the
Westminster parliament only comparable to that of The Golden
Voice of Africa.

Senator Shehu Sani has on several occasion saved the Senate
embarrassing sessions and has set standard of procedures. One
striking instance was the altercation involving Senator Omo Agege
who seized the maze to disrupt Senate session but was shocked to
realize that his effort could be thwarted by the legality of logic.
Senator Shehu Sani removed his belt and placed it on Maze
Chamber while calling for adoption of the belt to serve as Maze
after all the maze is an inanimate object and any object can serve
the purpose intended with the approval of majority. This singular
logical move earned him an standing ovation by the Senate as well
as saving the situation. It set a precedence in the conduct of
affairs by the hallowed chamber.

As Senator, he set record as a first-comer to steer one of the most
powerful committees in the Senate, yet he remained as modest and
humble as ever in the discharge of this onerous assignment.
Senator Shehu Sani ended the tradition of relegating first comers
to the backseat by protesting against the unwritten code which
relegates new entrants to the backseat. Here thereby won the
confidence and respect of both new and returned Senators
He is a vibrant contributor to the House whose contributions are at
all times positive and debatable. He did not speak to draw
attention but rather for a just reason. He earned the North respect
having won the position of the best Senator in the North and
among the ten best in the whole Red chamber.

Senator Shehu Sani is not only in the Senate to legislate but also
to execute. He has executed several projects cutting across all the
wards and local governments under his senatorial district and
beyond. He built orphanage homes, health centres, educational
centres and donates materials to schools andlibrarie. He also
provides assistance to the needy especially those with health
challenges, destitute homes, refugees, women, the elderly and
charity associations. He has secured employment to many
persons from his constituency and offered grants to hundreds of
skilled artisans to set up their businesses or increase their capital.

Senator Shehu Sani is keen on improving the socio-economic
wellbeing of his constituent and has donated hundreds of power
transformers to improve electricity supply in various communities.
There is no ward or local government in his constituency that has
not felt the impact of his magnanimity.
The comrade, who lived to his sobriquet, championed respect for
the rule-of-law and led the anti-corruption war that pitched him
against the high and mighty.

Those whom he overshadowed are against the the welfare of the
masses and his political journey has served to expose their inanity
and cluelessness.
We in Kaduna Central will not settle for mediocrity. We celebrate
excellence and will not forgive ourselves if we settle for, at best, a second best, when we have the best around. Excellence is a virtue
of Shehu Sani and no wolf has the courage to dine with the lion.


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