Why Buhari dont have certificate-George Santayana

More light have been thrown on the controversy surrounding the
APC presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari and his release of
a Toronto certificate to online media instead of INEC by Col. Ben
Gbulie (rtd)’s scholastic narrative.

The situation in Nigeria pre and post Independent where
unqualified people are favoured against the qualified, made it
impossible for due process to be followed by Northerners who
wanted to join the army or high institutions.

Buhari joined the army in 1962 and less than 2 months to this date,
he has a letter claiming to be a student. He was six months in
Military training school and went to UK and stayed six months for
3 years course, there was no time in record that Buhari went back
to college to complete his secondary school.

According to Col. Ben Gbulie (rtd) writing, “By 1960, shortly after
Nigeria’s independence, the Prime Minister, Alhaji Sir Abubakar
Tafawa Balewa, had directed the Principal of King’s College,
Lagos, Mr. P.H. Davies, to provide places, annually, for at least 15
boys from the North, whether or not they passed the requisite
regular entrance examination.”

Col. Ben Gbulie (rtd) in “Nigeria’s Five Majors” p. 36, published
first in 1981.
“In an attempt to catch up militarily with the South, the Northern
politicians had thrown out all discretion. They had lowered
standards of admission drastically, settling for the minimum. For
as I recalled, all the Northerners in my intake had been trained at
the Mons Officer Cadet School in Aldershot. And they had become
officers after barely six months of military training, whereas those
of us who had been sent to Sandhurst had had to do two long
years to earn the Queen’s Commission. The implications were
quite clear – and most disturbing. Not only had these Northerners
become commissioned officers before we were half-way through
our first year at Sandhurst, they had all risen to the enviable rank
of Captain before we could even appear at the sovereign’s parade
which served essentially as a prerequisite for our passing out as
Second Lieutenants.”

Col. Ben Gbulie (rtd) in “Nigeria’s Five Majors, pages 12 – 13,
Published 1981.
“By 1964 a group of young Nigerian officer-cadets, mostly
Northerners, had been declared academically unfit and hence
repatriated by the Canadian military authorities. These cadets were
however pronounced commissioned by the Nigerian Federal
Government no sooner than they had arrived at the Ikeja Airport.
Consequently they had had to be absorbed into the Nigerian Army
as commissioned officers, even though they had received no
requisite military training.”

Col Ben Gbulie (rtd) in “Nigeria’s Five Majors” page 13,
published 1981.
“Zak (Maimalari) had held the rank of Captain in 1960. But before
my return from the United Kingdom in 1963, he had soared to the
top rank of Brigadier. In other words, he had risen from Captain to
Temporary/Major, to Substantive/Major, to Temporary/Lieutenant-
Colonel, to Substantive/Colonel and then to Brigadier, all within
that short span of time. It was just scandalous”.
It is a shame that Buhari entered the Army with a false document
and not meeting the prerequisite and insisting on contesting for the
2015 presidential election, knowing fully well that he has no
secondary school certificate.
If Buhari is man enough, let him submit the doctored ‘school
certificate’ to INEC or any government department and he will earn
himself a ticket to prison.
Nigeria Must not be drawn back to another mediocre, his joke is
getting out of hand.
“Study the past if you would define the future.” – Confucius;
“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat


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